Commercial garage doors repair in Surrey

Commercial garage doors in Surrey require maintenance and repair from time to time. Due to the continued movement during opening and closing, they are bound to malfunction, breakdown, or even worse fail to work completely. When this happens, expert services are required to diagnose the problem and, most importantly, offer a solution.

Commercial garage door repair in Surrey

There are several garage door repair companies in Surrey, and being able to select one that will render quality services at the most suitable cost is important. Some companies offer services after you schedule a repair while we offer the services instantly and are available around the clock.

Factors to consider when selecting the repair company

Experience When trying to get a company to fix a problem in your commercial garage door, the number of years of experience is important. Their experts should be able to deal with any type of commercial door, any problems, and the ability to service and prevent any malfunction that could occur in the near future. 

Reputation and rating- The reputation of most garage doors are listed on the Better Business Bureau, one should look at the reviews of previous services rendered. The ratings and complaints should enable in the selection process to pick the best from the many companies.

Dependable services- Most garage door repairs require prompt and accurate repairs as soon as they occur. This is to ensure the goods they conceal are safe at all times, and they serve their primary purpose, which is security. Therefore you will need to select a company that has the manpower, resources, and reputable skills to respond to an emergency or respond within the required time.

Common Commercial Garage Door Problems

Due to the common features and components of garage doors, they are susceptible to similar problems. Despite that, they will tend to require different solutions depending on the damage levels.

Misaligned tracks Due to the heavyweight of the doors and frequent movements, the tracks are prone to damage, bending, or total misalignment.

Misaligned photo-eye The safety feature of the sensors associated with the photo-eye can, at some point, be the cause of the garage doors to failure during closing or opening. Fixing such an issue will require the services of an expert.

Damaged torsion springs When the springs are damaged or broken, the garage door will not work totally due to the heavyweight associated with such doors.

It is therefore advisable to get in touch with us for all your commercial garage door repair services, as we have a team of highly experienced professional commercial garage door experts in Surrey. We guarantee your own safety, the durability of the door, and, most importantly, assurance in terms of your security.

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