Garage Door Repair in Steveston

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    Garage Door Repair in Steveston, BC

    Get a Free Estimate For Any Of Your Garage Door Issues! Call Us Today!


      The #1 Choice For Garage Door Repairs In Steveston

      For over 25 years, we’ve opened the garage door repair in Steveston to attractive design options and enhanced safety features for the beautiful people of Steveston.





      “Abell Garage Door Repair, Your One-stop Full Service Garage Door Company”

      When your garage door breaks, your property and wellbeing could be in danger!

      Abell Garage Door Repair to make sure you are safe and make every minute of our repairs count.

      This is what Abell Garage Door Repair is made of!

      Our goal is to provide the best customer experience along with high-quality products and parts. We can repair broken springs, garage door tracks, openers, and door components. 

      Whether it’s residential or commercial, we here to offer you the most affordable & competitive prices. 

      We’re just one call away from sending you an experienced technician to your doorstep!

      Garage Door Installation and Replacement in Steveston

      A newly installed garage door does more than protect your belongings.

      A garage door is an essential piece of any house. Not only does it protect your space from thieves, pests, animals, and harsh weather, it can also enhance the overall look of any household.

      What many homeowners tend to overlook is trying to make the repairs to a garage door themselves without professional assistance can be very dangerous. 

      Spare yourself from potential injury and get a professional garage door company that’s been trusted by the Steveston community for the last 25 years. 

      Whether you’re searching for a garage door installed or replaced, Abell Garage Door Repair is here to help. 

      With more than 25 years of experience, Abell Garage Door Repairs has been providing quality and trusted professional garage door installations and replacements to properly and safely repair your garage door.

      We make sure that you get a sigh of relief knowing that our group will come to your aid and diagnose any problem.

      Commercial Garage Door Repair in the Steveston

      “Improve and Secure Your Business Facility With Abell Garage Door Repair!”

      Commercial Garage Doors are an important part of keeping your facility safe and allow you and your employees to have the easy access you need to the essential areas of your business.

      Without them functioning properly, it can cause problems and slow down your business operations. 

      If you can’t diagnose the problem immediately, get a  trusted garage door repair company in Steveston that’s been in service for over 25 years. 

      Abell Garage Door Repair offers a wide variety of commercial garage doors that will certainly fit your budget.  

      Our commercial garage doors are available in many different sizes including:

      • Belt Garage Door Opener
      • Electric Garage Doors
      • Fix Bent Garage Doors
      • Garage Door Rollers
      • And much more!


      Garage Door Repair & Installation Company in Vancouver, BC

      When it comes to giving quality service to our customers, we don't like to make them wait for the next day. You can call us at anytime of the day and we would be right there in few minutes. Our van is equipped with all the tools and accessories to provide emergency services to you. For fast and efficient services, just give a call to Abell Garage Door Repair. Don't Know What To Do With a Faulty Garage Door? We know!

      Garage Opener Repair in Steveston

      A garage door opener is a very important part to maintain a properly functioning garage door. It’s the motorized device responsible for opening and closing garage doors controlled by switches on the garage wall. Abell Garage Door Repair truly understands its importance, which is why we carry and service all major brands. We have a group of experts that are ready to diagnose and determine the issues that your garage door opener is facing and get it repaired instantly. Whether you’re looking to buy a new garage door opener or you’re looking to fix an old garage door opener, let our team of expert garage door technicians diagnose and provide you the optimum solution.

      Garage Spring Repair in Steveston

      We frequently get calls for garage door spring repairs. On the off chance that the wrong springs used are broken, your garage door system could experience extreme difficulty in opening and shutting down. Garage door springs are needed to keep your door counterbalanced. It pretty much does all the hard work when it comes to opening and closing the garage door. If the door isn’t counterbalanced, the garage door cannot open and close properly and it will be unbalanced making it a safety hazard for your home or business. Here are a few reasons why garage door springs break:
      • Wear & tear
      • Rust
      • Maintenance
      • Cold Weather
      So if you suspect that your Garage Door Spring is broken, it’s important you get it fixed right away. As a full-service Garage Door Repair Company, we offer exceptional garage door spring repair services. Call us right away and we’ll get you a highly trained technician trained to safely and professionally handle all garage door spring repairs. Call us today at 778-860-3330

      Garage Door Experts

      Need your metal garage door repaired?

      You can check all our services here. We pretty much do everything so if you don't see something on the list, just call us.
      • garage rollers repair
      • replace opener parts
      • asap garage door repair
      • lubricating and adjusting tracks
      • garage door sensors repair
      • broken openers repair
      • lubricating squeaky hinges
      • replacing rollers and hinges
      • spring tension adjustment
      • electric garage doors
      • spring adjustment
      • garage door cable repair
      • safety cable installation
      • broken springs replacement
      • garage door opener installation
      • fix gear problems
      • garage remote service install
      • remote programming
      • high-speed garage door repair
      • broken rollers repairs
      • garage door sections repair
      • garage drive chains and belts
      • fire-rated garage door repairs
      • nearest garage door repair
      • motor repair and installation
      • belt garage door opener repair
      • garage doors accessories repair
      • replacing weather seals
      • expert garage door repair
      • replacement of broken springs
      • fix bent rollers
      • garage door motor maintenance
      • keypad replacement and installation
      • glass garage doors repair
      • replacing bent tracks
      • broken cables replacement
      • door torsions & extensions
      • wood garage door repair
      • transmitters and receivers
      •  garage door operators repair
      • replacing damaged sections
      • garage door design service


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