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19Jun 2020

How Do Garage Door Springs Work

In every garage door, there are essential elements that play a part in ensuring that the door is operational. One of these elements is the spring. There are two types of garage door springs repair in Port Moody: the extension spring repair and the torsion spring repair, and each have their own differences.

Repair of Garage Door Springs

The extension spring

In this case, there are springs attached to cables as well as to the ends of the door. Whenever the door is being closed, the springs absorb most of the weight of the door, and then the weight is stored within the springs in the form of energy. Thereafter when the door is being opened, the springs release the stored energy, which pushes the door open. It is, therefore, the springs that do a heavy task in opening the door and not the door opener since the weight of the door is too much to be lifted by the opener.

It is always advisable that a garage door should have two extension springs. This is because spring may break due to the heavyweight, and without another to support the weight, the door will roll down and crash onto something. However, there is containment that prevents the garage door parts from scattering in case the springs break.

Torsion spring

These springs are located parallel and above the garage door. There is no big difference in the manner in which they operate and the manner in which the extension springs operate. The only differences are in terms of where they are located and also the fact that these springs are much stronger than the extension springs. You do not need to have two or more torsion springs on your garage door. Only one is enough to withstand the weight of the door. However, in some cases, you may find a garage door with two torsion springs, and the reasons are the same. The only big deal with torsion springs is that they are very expensive as compared to the extension springs.

Make your spring effective for use

For the springs to function effectively, it is very important that proper maintenance is done. Ensure that there is regular inspection, and in case spring is damaged, then you should have it mended before it spreads the risk to other parts of the garage door. A snapped or defective spring can lead to serious issues such as unevenly lifting of the door whereby one side drags behind. These issues have to be attended to urgently before another milestone follows. Rusty springs must also be taken into consideration, and in case there is one within your garage door, then you have to do away with them and have them replaced with new ones.

Another thing that you should put in mind is that every garage door has its only type of spring. Heavy doors need very long and strong springs while the light ones require the springs that also match their weight.
We offer you the best garage door springs as well as the guidelines on how they operate and how to maintain them. Do not fail to contact us now and make your choice between the torsion and the extension spring.

16Jun 2020

How Much Does a Good Garage Door Cost

The cost of a garage door depends on several factors; the model, the material, the size, and some other factors. It is, therefore, your choice that will determine the amount you would spend on the garage door. It is very clear to those who have garage doors that every garage door has its own limitations, be it the wooden or the metal ones. Therefore your choice must also be made after considering such factors.

Yellow Garage Door

Types of garage doors

You can decide which garage door you wish to buy by looking at the different types. Each type has its own uniqueness, and therefore it is your choice that matters.

Sliding doors

They run along with sloppy trolleys and operate under the control of a motor.

Rolling and folding doors

Run along rollers cylindrically when you open and close the door.

Sectional doors

These doors have tension springs, which enable them to remain steady without drifting in case they are open halfway. They have two-panel sections with wheels that roll during the opening and closing of the door.

Tilting doors

These are doors with fittings. They can either have track fitting or jamb fitting. The track fitting tilts upwards and backward while the jamb fitting tilts outwards and upwards.

Factors to consider when making your choice


Several materials can be used to make garage doors. Each and every material has an advantage over the other, and therefore you must choose wisely. You will realize that steel doors are very strong as compared to wooden doors, and therefore, in terms of cost, they are much more expensive.

Climatic conditions

Before you choose a garage door, you must find out whether it would be suitable to sustain the conditions of the area in which you stay. There are garage doors that can last long in areas that experience the high climate, and there are also ones that prefer rainy conditions. We would be privileged to guide you on the same.


Different places require different sizes of garage doors. Commercial garage doors, in most cases, are larger and taller than residential garage doors, but on some occasions, you may also find a residential garage door that is a bit tall. This depends on the purpose as to which the garage was established. Costs therefore differ, and in this case, the larger and taller doors are much expensive than the shorter ones.

Additional features

There are garage doors that can accommodate additional features such as decorations or even additional fittings. Such features indicate a slight increase in the price of the garage door as compared to the ones with no such features.

A good garage door repair is; therefore, one that you think can best satisfy your desires. It may be the desire to give your residence or institution a good look, the desire to have an easily operational garage door, or even the desire to have an executive but relatively cheaper garage door.

13Jun 2020

How to Install a Garage Door Opener

For easy operation of your garage door, install a garage door opener in Maple Ridge, and there will be no need of you afterward having to waste your effort in doing so.

However, before doing this, you have to ensure that you have a garage door that can be operated using an opener; not all of them can. The second thing to consider is the type of garage door opener which you would prefer. In this case, you would have two options; either the one with a chain or the one with a belt.

Garage Door Opener Repair

The next thing you should now do is to ensure that your garage door is ready for installation of an opener. Inspect the garage door well and ensure that any necessary repairs are done before installing the opener.


  • Begin by assembling all the parts that you bought your opener with. Put together the rail by fitting in the several pieces, as indicated in the instructions. Slide the trolley over the rail and then attach it to the motor compartment, which is to be located at the furthest point from the door. To the opposite side of the compartment at the end of the rail, have the pulley installed with the chain or the belt moving around it.
  • For purposes of attaching the opener onto the ceiling, blocking must be installed on the ceiling as instructed, and it must be attached to the woods on the ceiling regardless of its size.
  • The next step is attaching the bracket at the point where the connection of the door itself was done, and this should be approximately at the center, or in some cases, you may find that it has been specified in the instructions.
  • Take one end of the parts you had assembled in step 1 and attach it to the bracket as indicated in the instructions and lift up the other end and have it in place.
  • Have the safety rope attached to the emergency release, which is on the trolley, and there must be a manual disconnect cord which should be located at a height which is manageable for adults.
  • Install a bulb into the garage door opener compartment, and in this case, the bulb must be one that can withstand severe conditions such as the constant vibrations which will be experienced during the operation.
  • Install the electric eye safety system on one side of the garage door and a reflector on the opposite side.
  • Have the push-button control installed as well as the other equipment such as the keypad. This button should be located at a height where children cannot reach it.
  • Confirm whether the installation has been done to perfection. You can test whether the door opens and closes without any distraction, and if so, then it means that you can now operate your garage door comfortably. In some cases, you may notice that in the process, there is a loud sound produced. This happens in the cases where your opener uses a chain instead of a belt.

With all these tips, you can comfortably install a garage door opener on your own or even have a specialist install it for you. Have a garage door opener today and unburden your task.

10Jun 2020

5 Tips On How To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Garage Door

The same way you can desire to extend the lifespan of any of your property, such as your television, vehicle, and the rest is also the same way there should be the need for you to extend the lifespan of your garage door. With us, here are some of the tips which you can adopt in order to have a long-lasting garage door.

To Extend The Lifespan Of Garage Door

Regular inspections of the door

Ensure that you regularly check your garage door in case there could be a problem that might, in the future, affect its normal functioning. Inspect all its parts; the springs, the sensor, the opener, and the others and ensure that you note down those that need replacements or repair, after which you make necessary arrangements to contact the professionals whom you entrust your repairs. Either way, you can have a contract with the specialist so that they can do the regular inspection may be monthly or even annually. This is more helpful since professionals know where to put keen attention on during an inspection, and therefore they can identify a hidden problem that you yourself could not realize. This will also help you to get the problems addressed there and then without any delays.

Check on the balancing of the door

Ensure that the door has a steady balancing because failure to achieve this leads to incidences whereby an object gets crushed by a garage door. To check this, you raise the door manually to about two to three feet above the ground and then let it free. If it remains steady at that position, then it means that its balancing is quite good. However, if it draws back down, then it means that something is wrong within the door, maybe with one or some of its parts, and therefore immediate action needs to be taken.

Handle the garage door safely

Garage doors are very technical in nature, and therefore any slight mishandling can render it malfunctioning. You should ensure that you do not turn the opening and closing of the door into a game whereby you open and close the door continuously anytime you are operating the garage door. This may interfere with the springs, and you will have to replace them.

Ensure cleanliness of the system is maintained

Whenever you are inspecting the garage door, one of the key areas you should look at is the cleanliness. There are some major components within the system whose functionality can be interfered with in case they get into contact with dust. An example, in this case, is the sensor. These sensors use a beam of light to detect any object below the door, and therefore the presence of dust would obstruct it from detecting any object, and therefore the door would certainly crush it.

Lubricate the parts which can wear or tear

In the process of maintaining the door, there are some parts that need to be lubricated. There are the rollers, the hinges, the springs, and the trucks and, in some cases, the chain on some openers. Lubrication will make the door to operate smoothly without causing any tear or wear.

Your garage door should be your responsibility, and it is you that should be responsible for how long it serves you. With these tips, you can easily and effectively care for your garage door.

7Jun 2020

Importance of Garage Door Safety For Kids

As much as you keep your garage door safe and secure in Surrey, you should also keep the people using it as well as the ones around it safe, especially the kids. This is because the harm that the garage door can cause to anyone when it is out of control is fatal, and to some extent, the outcome can be death. This, therefore, renders you the responsibility as the owner to ensure that you do anything possible to prevent such cases. There are several ways in which you can achieve this, and some have been mentioned below.

Garage Door Safety

Update them on what a garage door is

Create time and take your kids on tour around the garage. Show them all the functional components of the garage door and demonstrate to them the role that each part plays in the opening and closing of the door. This would help to drive away from the curiosity in the kids.

Another important thing which you should not leave out during the tour is informing them on the parts of the garage door, which are very sensitive and can lead to an emergency when out of control. Caution them against touching both the torsion and extension spring and that if, in any case, spring is noticed to have broken, then they should not hesitate to inform you as the parent or guardian. Warn them not to pluck the lifting cables because it is these cables that play the role of lifting the door, and in any case, they are tampered with, and then the door will draw down uncontrollably and smash anything below it.

Warn them not to operate or play on/with the door

  • Tell them that the operation of the door is only your responsibility, and in no case should they try to operate it. For this reason, keep away the remote control from their reach and also ensure that the keypad is placed at a raised position where they cannot access.
  • Warn them neither to climb on the door nor to put pressure on them. This is because there are some doors whose structures resemble ladders, and you know how curious kids always are. They will want to climb on them, and as a result, they might encounter an accident.
  • For those whose doors operate manually, show the older kids how to operate the door, and ensure that they are able to reach the lift handles. Tell them to be cautious not to let their fingers get stuck between the joints because they will definitely lose them.
  • Assign the older kids the responsibility to keep watch of the younger ones when they are close to the garage door, and in case they are passing beneath the door, then ensure that the door is fully open and that the kids do not fumble on their way in or out.

However, there are some parents who give their kids the access codes for the external keypad. In this case, the codes must have a secret status with them and warn them never to share with friends because they may be curious to enter the garage. This, as a result, may lead to something serious.

We, therefore, advise that as a good owner and parent, you should be a good keeper for both your garage door and your kids. Let none of the two interfere with the other’s life.

4Jun 2020

6 Helpful Tips For Overhead Door Installation

Your garage door is the heaviest movable part of your house. Whenever you intend to replace the overhead door installation, you must plan appropriately. Part of the planning includes acquiring all the necessary tools that will enable you to work on the project successfully. As mentioned, garage door repair in Langley are extremely heavy. As such, it is impossible to undertake the repair project on your own without assistance. Get someone to assist you. Another essential step that you should undertake is to read the manufacturer’s instructions to be sure that the overhead door installation is done appropriately. Let’s have a detailed discussion of the tips.

Garage Door Installation

Proper Planning

Overhead door installation is not an easy process. Given the safety challenges it poses when incorrectly installed, it is necessary to plan way before you roll up your sleeves. The structure should be captured in your house’s architectural design, and you have to be sure to stick to the specifications for a desirable income.

Acquaint yourself with manufacturer’s instructions

Before embarking on the installation process, ensure that you thoroughly understand the manufacturer’s installation guide. This will spare you from having to source for information for installation. Again, it will protect you from any damage to your walls and help ensure your safety.

Get the right tools

This is not just any other simple task. You need all the relevant tools that will make the task successful. When repairing, there is nothing as disappointing as realizing that there is a missing tool when you are installing the overhead Door. Some of the apparent tools you will need for this undertaking include the drill and safety glasses. You also need a ladder that will help you reach the upper part of the garage door. A level is also a valuable tool that will help you install the door successfully. Ensure that you have the safety gloves to protect your hands.

Get Assistance

Installing on overhead Door can be a DIY project. As mentioned, this needs the recommended tools. However, it should be understood that garage doors are quite heavy, and as such, you cannot bear the weight alone. It is vital that you engage a friend to help you out. You will help you lift heavy components and the tools used in the process. He can also assist you in holding the ladder in the appropriate position.

Ensure the overhead door installation is done appropriately

You can achieve this by double-checking your work. This is very important, given that the overhead Door poses safety challenges when incorrectly installed. There is also the possibility that the wrongly installed overhead door will damage property. After the installation, the door should be able to move freely, whether upwards or downwards.

Let a professional install the springs

If you are not a door technician, you can’t remove or install tension springs. The steps are complicated and pose a safety challenge to you and even future users of the door. This is undesirable.

1Jun 2020

Why Spring Is the Right Time for Garage Door Repair

Different seasons usually present different challenges for construction workers. We recommend spring as the best season for repairing garage doors. Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for spring when intending to repair your garage door.

Garage Door Repair

Better Prices

Spring presents you with an opportunity to negotiate for the most pocket-friendly price. After winter, most door repair companies strive to make profits. In this desperation to get customers, you can be assured of the best outcome. The companies will have the most attractive offers around this time, giving you value for your money. There is also the likelihood that you will get a better range of styles and colors.

Winter affects your door’s spring

During winter, the garage is likely to be humid. This is unhealthy for your garage door’s spring. This can result in the breakage of your spring into pieces. You should avoid replacing the spring during winter. This is because the spring will still be subjected to the same weather conditions. Making replacement during spring makes more sense, especially if your spring system has served you for a long time. Usually, a standard spring system should last no more than five years. Although its breakage might not occur at this time, you should replace it with a new one failure to which you will be courting trouble.

So, during spring, you can leave your car and other stuff you have stored in the garage outside as they won’t be covered in snow. Contact us in spring for your garage door repair in Coquitlam, and you can be assured of the best outcome ever.


In most instances, when you are constructing your house, you are likely to make the windows and doors the safest entry points. However, you are likely to forget the security of your garage door even though it acts as the mint entry point when you park the car inside. Your children are also expected to use this entry point. As such, you would want to protect your house against raving burglars. Traditionally, homeowners have been protecting these entry points by installing alarm systems. However, there have been instances of remote thefts. The spring period offers you the right time to assess and improve the security of your garage door. This can be arrived at by changing the garage door system or improving it.

29May 2020

Garage Door Problems: When To Call A Professional

The garage door is an essential component of your home. There are instances that they break down, just like any part of your home. Over the years, homeowners have always attempted to come up with solutions to these problems. However, you cannot fix all garage door issues in White Rock on your own without professional assistance. Such problems are not only too complicated for you to understand but also potentially dangerous enough to cause fatalities. You surely want to avoid such outcomes by engaging a technician. Here are some of the garage door issues that have to be addressed with the assistance of a professional.

Garage Door Problems

Electrical Faults

Your automated garage door is powered by electrical power. There are instances when your garage door can encounter faults occasioned by inconsistency in the power supply. In such a situation, you have to contact a professional. This is because electrical issues are complex and pose a lot of danger when handled unprofessionally. Electrical inconsistencies can easily translate into door opener and remote problems, which cannot be corrected by replacing the batteries. The professional will help you fix the underlying issue efficiently. This saves from addressing the issue persistently.

Replacement of Parts

Garage doors have various components that have to be harmonized to work together. None of these components look complicated, but the setup is indeed complicated. Some of these parts include the belts, track, bearings, handlers, springs, and hinges. When any of these parts breakdowns, the whole garage door is compromised. It is essential to ensure that such parts are replaced by a professional. All you need to do is to communicate the manufacturer of your door to the door technician before he starts working on it. You can be sure that the problem won’t reoccur in the near future.

When Garage Door gets off-track

Tracks usually keep your garage door usable position. This makes them an integral part of your door. Just like any other part of the door, they can get damaged. Unlike other minor parts of the garage door, this is a significant part that should be replaced by a door technician. This is because after the tracks have broken down, the door has to be un-mounted for them to be replaced or be repaired. When you resort for DIY, the door can easily fall on you. Given the weight of the garage door, this can easily result in an injury.

26May 2020

Why Won’t My Garage Door Open?

Imagine trying to leave home in a hurry only to find out that your garage door is jammed. This could be a very discouraging morning, especially if you were trying to beat a deadline at work. This calls for immediate repair. This cannot be achieved without a thorough diagnosis. Here are some of the possible underlying issues.

Closed Garage Door

Power Source

Whenever the power source for your automated garage door is disrupted, you can be sure that it won’t open. This can be easily corrected by plugging the opener into a working power outlet. It is also essential that from time to time, you keep checking the outlets are working to avoid inconveniences.

Broken Torsion Springs

Whenever opening your garage door, and you hear a bang, you should engage a door technician to come and assess the torsion springs. In several instances, such happenings have recorded fatalities. The bang could be as a result of the springs breaking. Be sure that such a door won’t open.

Snapped Cables

There are instances in which the cable snaps off. This is as a result of torsion springs breakage. Your door will not open if this occurs. This is because the snapped cables often damage the wall translating into the misalignment of the door. Snapped cables can also cause harm to people around them. In case of snapped cables, ensure that you contact a door technician.

Low Sensitivity

Whenever you install a new garage door, or the door gets old, and you set it too low or too high, there is the likelihood that it won’t open. You can address this by reading the manufacturer’s recommendations on the setting. This will help you reset the door’s sensitivity appropriately.

Malfunctioned Remote Control

If you have a remote-operated door, you can be sure that there are instances in which you won’t manage to open or close it. One of these instances is when you are out of the sensitivity range. A damaged antenna could also result in such outcomes. To confirm these possibilities, you should check out if the door is working with the door switch. If it is working, then you only need to change the remote’s battery.

Misalignment with the Track

When the door is off the track, it won’t open. This is occasioned by obstacles or bends on the track. You can address this problem by loosening the tracks and pulling the door back to the track.

23May 2020

4 Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door Hinges

Hinges are an essential component of your garage door. Although they are usually small in size, they pose a significant challenge whenever they breakdown. You don’t want to experience the hustle of pushing a door with such a hinge. It does not only pose a safety challenge but also impacts negatively on your home’s aesthetic value. This is an indication that there are myriad challenges in your inaction and overflowing benefits when you act. Here are some of the reasons for replacing broken garage door hinges in Port Moody.

Garage Door Hinges

Restoring Functionality

Your garage door is undoubtedly the heaviest movable component of your house. The hinges put it together and help in ensuring operational ease. When they are broken, you have bound o experience difficulties when opening and closing the garage door. Replacing the hinges helps in restoring the functionality of the door to your advantage.

Fixing Common Door Problems

With time, your garage door hinges are bound to rust and to get broken. Periodic exposures occasion this. You can handle this by replacing the old hinges with new ones for a better experience with your door. It is essential to look out for a weather-resistant hinge during such replacements to avoid periodic replacements.

Preventing Collateral Damages

When your garage door hinges are broken, there is the possibility that it will affect other parts of the door. Some of the elements that are likely to be affected are the panels and the tracks. For the panels, the inconsistency in movement can easily damage them. The garage door will most definitely get off the track when the hinges are broken. With extensive damage on your door, you will have to invite a technician to help you seek it out. Equally, you don’t want your garage door to incur more damages. The solution lies in replacing the hinges.

 Improving your home’s aesthetic value

Traditionally, hinges value laid in the ability to open and close a door. This has changed over the years. Different manufacturers today design hinges that not only help in functional purposes but also improve your home’s aesthetic value. This involves adding decorations to the hinges. When you replace the undecorated hinge with a decorated hinge, the look of your home improves tremendously. This is also a cost-saving strategy as it saves you the expense of having to buy a new door to enhance the look of your home.