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2Apr 2020

Reasons to Upgrade Your Garage Door Opener

Garage doors are very important parts of homes, and homeowners are beginning to realize they should maintain and even possibly upgrade the garage doors just as they do to other exterior and interior doors. Some homeowners even use their garage door as entry doors, making them even more important to the family and friends as well as visitors. This means that the garage door opener must be kept in good working condition as long as the garage door is going to remain underuse. For this reason, maintaining home safety and convenience demands that the garage door opener be kept in good working condition through routine repair or replacement to upgrade the machine.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Any machine and equipment are usually capable of elongated operation as long as it is well taken care of. Garage door openers are similarly able to remain operational even much longer than their manufacturer’s expected lifespan as long as they are used responsibly and are put under routine checks and maintenance. However, older opener models, especially those manufactured in the 90s, lack upgraded features such as those that improve the functionality of your garage door opener. Such openers may require replacement in order o upgrade their functionalities.

A few reasons that justify why you should upgrade your garage door opener are discussed below.

Improved home security

Older opener machines use a set of remote codes to control door operations. However, modern door openers use a rolling code feature. This code keeps changing as long as the door is opened and may, therefore, not be copied by intruders. It, therefore, offers improved home security compared to the traditional openers, which can easily be manipulated by intruders leading to security issues.

Safety upgrades

Traditional garage door openers did not have security measures such as photosensors. Modern garage door openers are well integrated with these features, making them safer. The openers are fitted with photo sensors making them able to detect the presence of obstacles such as pets and children. When these sensors identify an object, the door opens back, preventing or reducing the chances of accidents and injuries to family members and even pets.

Less noise

The modern door openers are quite silent. The belts and jackshafts are quieter compared to the older chain operated openers.

More convenience features

Upgrading your door opener makes it easier for you to access the latest technologies such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This means you are able to monitor and control your garage door from anywhere using your handheld smartphone.

Battery backup

Old traditional garage doors did not have any power backup features. This means that without power, the door would remain closed or open, exposing you to security issues and inconveniences. Upgrading to modern models makes it possible to open and close the door with or without power.


With the upgrade, you are now able to choose from a variety of opener options.


Modern garage doors come with alarm and timer features allowing you to set or program the garage door to close after or at a particular time. This option is very important as you can be sure that the door is always closed and secure.

30Mar 2020

How to Maintain Garage Door Cables

Garage door cables are a key garage door feature that must be carefully maintained and protected from regular repair. A few tips on how you can be maintained are provided by this article.

Garage Door Cables Repair

Tighten the hardware

A garage door is constantly on the move as it opens up and closes every day. This exposes the garage door cables to constant pressure and tension. The hardware of the door also loosens up and exerts additional pressure on the door and door cables. Tightening up these parts makes the door more stable and protects the cables much better.

Look and listen

Take your time whenever you use the garage door to observe carefully and listen to the door as it moves up and down. This way, you are able to listen to strange noises and even notice irregularities in the door motion. Does it operate silently? Are both sides of the cables symmetrical? Any irregularities noticed should be handled with care, and a professional technician should always be involved to repair or replace the garage door cables.

Test the balance

Ensuring that the garage door is properly balanced is one key step towards ensuring that the door cables will work optimally, and the door itself will operate more efficiently. The strain caused by the imbalance on springs and cables makes the general operation of the door less effective. If this happens, it should be left to a professional to rectify as attempting a self-repair may be dangerous.

Lubricate moving parts

Coat the overhead sprigs with lithium grease regularly to increase the lifetime of your garage door. This also helps to keep the garage door cables and other door integrals in good condition as there is no damage caused as a result of the poor operation from other door parts.

Constantly check the cables

Always check for broken strands and damages, especially near the bottom roller bracket. These damages will always occur as the door is in operation as may also be caused by neighboring parts, as already discussed in step five. However, self-repairs should never be tried as these cables are high tension and are very dangerous to handle without prior skills. In case of damages, a professional technician should be brought on board to assist with repairs or replacement.

Clear the tracks

Always check to ensure there are no foreign objects on the tracks. Debris and other objects will knock the garage door and expose it together with other components such as cables to damages. They may also warp or get misaligned, causing stress on the door cables. This way, you will identify and correct possible problems that may end up ruining your door cables and the general functionality of the garage door.

Groom the door

Always remember that your garage door is a very important home feature and makes up to one-third of the exterior of your house. Keep it fresh and clean! If you do not have time to do this regularly, call a garage door professional to schedule a fine-tuned service. This way, you’ll keep your garage door cables under check and thus keep them working effectively for longer.

27Mar 2020

Signs That You Need Garage Door Repair

Garage doors as exterior entry points are constantly underused. Opening and closing, while getting out for work and returning home, exposes these doors to usual wear and tear. Like exterior doors, they are also constantly exposed to bad weather such as storms, floodwater, and strong winds, which, apart from exposing them to undue pressure, also throws debris on them degrading their décor quality with time. This means that even the garage door installations require regular maintenance and repair services. The following guide can be used to check when and why your garage door may need a repair service.

Garage door problems

The door opens unexpectedly

A garage door may behave in an unexpected way when they are not in good condition. If the door bounces back when you close it or if it rolls back down or up when you attempt to open it or close it, respectively, do not take it for granted as this is a clear sign of a technical problem. Inform all users of the door about the problem and discontinue usage of the door immediately before you can schedule as repair service.


Warping may be a sign of vehicle impact or long exposure to bad weather or still maybe a result of an attempted break-in. Engage a professional garage door technician to resolve the issue before it exposes your home to a security threat.

Unresponsive opener

A garage door opener is a critical part of the garage door. Unresponsive garage door opener issues may be caused by several technical door problems and even weather, such as accumulation of moisture in the door opener. When this happens, call a professional technician to inspect the opener and advice on repair needs immediately. If unattended to immediately, such signs may graduate into bigger issues that may even lock you out of the garage for some time, adding to a number of possible home inconveniences.

Pauses in the movements of the door

Some garage doors have sensors that help the door to respond to the presence of objects such as pets or even children crossing the door while the door is closing. This makes the door to pause or roll back automatically to avoid injuries to the available objects. This should, however, not worry you. On the other hand, constant door pauses may be as a result of the wrong spring tension or presence of an object on the door panel or just another technical issue. Inform your garage door technician as early as possible to avoid accidents and injuries to you, your pets, and your family.

Excessive noises

If the garage door has a damaged motor or has poor lubrication, it may start producing noises that are not ordinary. You may need to involve a professional technician or just lubricate the parts.

Visible damages

Constantly watch out for signs such as:

  • Loose wheels
  • Noisy end bearings
  • Cracks in the hinges

These damages are clear signs that the wheels, bearings or hinges have compromised integrity and will not work effectively. If the damages are on the springs, it may be extremely dangerous to attempt a DIY. It is, therefore, more advisable that you engage a professional garage door technician from time to time to assess the garage door in order to be able to prevent accidents and injuries that may result from such minor problems.

24Mar 2020

The Importance of a Quality Garage Door

Getting a quality garage door is an essential home and business element. As an important part of a home or business, this integral feature boosts home aesthetic value while ensuring security is maintained as well. It is sometimes used as an entry door into home interiors. It is, therefore, very important as a protective part of your home ensuring home valuables are safe and kept away from bad weather such as rainfall and winds. A few reasons why you should purchase and install a quality garage door are discussed below.

Quality Garage Doors

Protection from bad weather

If you have a garage that is not fully covered, your car will constantly be exposed to bad weather elements such as snow, salt, and debris. This way, vehicle exterior designs may be ruined and increase the costs of vehicle maintenances. Installing a quality garage door will reduce vehicle maintenance costs while protecting your other home valuables as well.

Better home value

Garage door come in a variety of designs, color, and finishes. Installing a stylish garage door will totally change the face of your home, blending it wonderfully with the external environment. This way, you will add more value to your home, giving an adorable first impression to your visitors all the time.

In case you are thinking of selling your home. Replacing tour old garage door with a new stylish garage door improves your home value as buyers will be appealed by the impression they get from your front doors too. The security value that comes with it as a result of the door material also makes your home value rise as new buyers will be highly interested in the added home security.

Improved security

As mentioned above, home safety and security is a key element everyone considers while purchasing a new garage door. This is where durability and s6reghth plays an important role. Installing a garage door is considered a key step towards improving home safety. Garage doors are also safer, especially for children and pets. Some of them are fitted with photoelectric sensors, which can identify the presence of objects when they are open or closed. This way, accidents are reduced and security alert is raised as the alarms ring and will give alerts in case there is a security breach.

Functionality conveniences

Conveniences that come with the installation of automatic garage doors will make quality garage doors more needed by homeowners. You could be getting home in the midst of a storm, and you do not want to get out of your car to open and close the garage door. Automatic garage doors will see you getting into the garage while inside your car without having to walk in the rain. This improved usability makes the door more convenient and thus much more adorable.

On the other hand, you may not have all the muscles to lift your garage door up and down all the time. Automation makes this process easier and can be completed even at the comfort of your chair by a simple press of a button from an electronic transmitter device.

6Oct 2016

Most common issues of garage door that require maintenance and replacement service

Top Reasons That Your Garage Door Does Not Work

Garage door, means the largest and the most usable part of your house. Several times you open and close the door during the whole day. Generally, people use this large space to store unwanted stuff or park vehicle. If you use it as your main entrance, there is no idea that how many times you open the door.

Due to its uncountable use, it requires daily maintenance and repair service. If you give a little attention on your garage door, it can help to extend the lifespan of your door. Undoubtedly, there are so many garage door issues you face in your daily life. But with little maintenance and repair tips, you can stop these issues permanently and save hundreds of dollars.

6Sep 2016

Top Reasons That Your Garage Door Does Not Work

Top Reasons That Your Garage Door Does Not Work

Whether you have a commercial or residential garage door, it the most important thing to add curb appeal to the premises apart from providing the security. In some rare cases, the door open and close on their own, even if the owner has not instructed the door to do. This is the different case, but sometimes, it does not open and close, even if the homeowner tries to open it.

You can imagine yourself that you are ready to going office and trying to open an overhead door, but it is not ready to open. Sometime, issues that continue with the door surprise you. Even that some issues are uncommon and you are not ready to deal with them. In such situation, you is best to leave the garage door repair up to a professional. He will tell you the possible reasons that why your overhead door creates problems.

23Aug 2016

Some common garage door myths you should never believe

garage door repair bc

When it comes to buying a new garage door for your house, making the right decision can be very tough for you. As it is an important part of your house, you don’t want to take any chance with this special component. Wrong information prevailing in the market can make your decision tough and complicated. When you are thinking about to buy a new overhead door, it is crucial to separate facts from myths. If you successfully separate them, you can make a wise decision and avoid regret.

29Jul 2016

Tips to keep your garage door in good working condition

garage door repair bc

The garage door is the most important object in your house that you use multiple times in a single day. It protects you and your family from burglary and any kind of natural hazards. An overhead door plays an incredible role to keep your valuable or belongings safe. To keep your garage door in smooth and good working condition for years to come, you should pay an extra attention to its maintenance and repair service.