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How to Fix Garage Door Sensor

Garage Door Sensor
December 4, 2020

Garage door sensors are the guarantee of safety and durability of automatic garage doors, as well as the convenience of using garage doors. The first sensors began to be used in 1993 in the U.S. and were a standard two-component optical sensor, which did not allow the garage door to close if under the door is a person, a car or some other obstacle.

Such sensors are an important element of a garage door, as they reduce the risk of injury to a person and damage to the car.

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Common Garage Door Sensor Problems

The main indicator that something has happened to the sensor is that it is not working properly. If a door does not open or close, or if it does not react every time it is needed.

Interference Near the Sensor

The first and most common cause of trouble is that there is interference near the sensor. The transmitter (sender) and receiver of the sensor are located on opposite sides of the garage door repair, usually near the ground. If your door is not closing, it is likely that something is either closing one side of the sensor block or causing a shift of one side to the other. In either case, the light beam cannot move cleanly and in a straight line from the transmitter to the receiver.

Dirty Sensor Lenses

Dirt, spider web often accumulate over time and can block the transmitter or receiver of the sensor. Use a soft microfiber cloth to remove all dirt from the lenses, but be very careful not to scratch them. Make sure that all is thoroughly cleaned, the sensor should work if it is a problem.

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Deformed Sensor Mount

Another common problem is the deformed sensor frame on both sides of the system. This often happens because the frame is made of aluminum, which is subject to deformation. If the frame mount is bent, the light beam will no longer pass from the transmitter to the receiver. Deformation can happen completely accidentally and unexpectedly: people accidentally kick them or hit them with a bicycle when they leave the garage.

Moisture Inside the Sensor

Accidental moisture in the Sensor can knock it down. This is because many sensors are exposed to rain. Under these conditions, it is best to wait. This helps if you wait until the moisture has dried up, and then clean the sensor well with a soft microfiber.

The sensor is a very sensitive unit, which should be checked periodically as a precaution. After all, a failure of the sensor can significantly affect the operation of the entire garage door, as well as lead to injury and put you and your car in danger.

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