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26May 2020

Why Won’t My Garage Door Open?

Imagine trying to leave home in a hurry only to find out that your garage door is jammed. This could be a very discouraging morning, especially if you were trying to beat a deadline at work. This calls for immediate repair. This cannot be achieved without a thorough diagnosis. Here are some of the possible underlying issues.

Closed Garage Door

Power Source

Whenever the power source for your automated garage door is disrupted, you can be sure that it won’t open. This can be easily corrected by plugging the opener into a working power outlet. It is also essential that from time to time, you keep checking the outlets are working to avoid inconveniences.

Broken Torsion Springs

Whenever opening your garage door, and you hear a bang, you should engage a door technician to come and assess the torsion springs. In several instances, such happenings have recorded fatalities. The bang could be as a result of the springs breaking. Be sure that such a door won’t open.

Snapped Cables

There are instances in which the cable snaps off. This is as a result of torsion springs breakage. Your door will not open if this occurs. This is because the snapped cables often damage the wall translating into the misalignment of the door. Snapped cables can also cause harm to people around them. In case of snapped cables, ensure that you contact a door technician.

Low Sensitivity

Whenever you install a new garage door, or the door gets old, and you set it too low or too high, there is the likelihood that it won’t open. You can address this by reading the manufacturer’s recommendations on the setting. This will help you reset the door’s sensitivity appropriately.

Malfunctioned Remote Control

If you have a remote-operated door, you can be sure that there are instances in which you won’t manage to open or close it. One of these instances is when you are out of the sensitivity range. A damaged antenna could also result in such outcomes. To confirm these possibilities, you should check out if the door is working with the door switch. If it is working, then you only need to change the remote’s battery.

Misalignment with the Track

When the door is off the track, it won’t open. This is occasioned by obstacles or bends on the track. You can address this problem by loosening the tracks and pulling the door back to the track.

23May 2020

4 Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door Hinges

Hinges are an essential component of your garage door. Although they are usually small in size, they pose a significant challenge whenever they breakdown. You don’t want to experience the hustle of pushing a door with such a hinge. It does not only pose a safety challenge but also impacts negatively on your home’s aesthetic value. This is an indication that there are myriad challenges in your inaction and overflowing benefits when you act. Here are some of the reasons for replacing broken garage door hinges in Port Moody.

Garage Door Hinges

Restoring Functionality

Your garage door is undoubtedly the heaviest movable component of your house. The hinges put it together and help in ensuring operational ease. When they are broken, you have bound o experience difficulties when opening and closing the garage door. Replacing the hinges helps in restoring the functionality of the door to your advantage.

Fixing Common Door Problems

With time, your garage door hinges are bound to rust and to get broken. Periodic exposures occasion this. You can handle this by replacing the old hinges with new ones for a better experience with your door. It is essential to look out for a weather-resistant hinge during such replacements to avoid periodic replacements.

Preventing Collateral Damages

When your garage door hinges are broken, there is the possibility that it will affect other parts of the door. Some of the elements that are likely to be affected are the panels and the tracks. For the panels, the inconsistency in movement can easily damage them. The garage door will most definitely get off the track when the hinges are broken. With extensive damage on your door, you will have to invite a technician to help you seek it out. Equally, you don’t want your garage door to incur more damages. The solution lies in replacing the hinges.

 Improving your home’s aesthetic value

Traditionally, hinges value laid in the ability to open and close a door. This has changed over the years. Different manufacturers today design hinges that not only help in functional purposes but also improve your home’s aesthetic value. This involves adding decorations to the hinges. When you replace the undecorated hinge with a decorated hinge, the look of your home improves tremendously. This is also a cost-saving strategy as it saves you the expense of having to buy a new door to enhance the look of your home.

20May 2020

7 Reasons to Hire a Professional for Garage Door Repair

Hiring a professional to do garage door repairs in Maple Ridge is something that every garage door owner should consider. There are various reasons for the same. Some of them include expertise, avoiding further damage to other components, guarantee, use of the right tools, minimizing the risks associated with future injuries. Doing it by your self is risky to future users because it could cause more damage to other points. It can also invalidate the guarantee offered by the company involved.

Broken Garage Door

It saves time and money

Experts in garage door repair will spot the actual problem and deal with the possible underlying cause, which saves you time trying to figure out where or what the problem could be. It saves you money because after the problem is detected, it is upon them to find the right tools to fix the problem. This saves you from future expenses that are associated with further damage that will be caused if an unskilled personnel is involved.

They offer professional advice

Professional always offer advice on the right usage, which will prevent future and fast damage associated with previous mishandling that could have been the very cause of the actual damage at hand. This is one advantage you will not get elsewhere.

Prevention of future accidents

The very advice is also important in preventing the happening of accidents in the future. Accidents can be associated with the failure of using the right tools, skipping crucial steps, and loose screws. All the mentioned reasons are tied to doing the repair personally or involving amateurs. You may manage to save on a few coins, but the cost required to cover for the accidents in the future may be overwhelming.

Preventing further damage

The probability of causing further damage is associated with the lack of skills to detect the problem and lack of proper tools to fix it; this directly causes further damage. When you involve experts, these problems will not, by any chance, occur.


Hiring a professional ensures that the correct problem is detected, the right replacement parts are used, and it is done without you being involved in the whole hustle of finding the tools and replacement parts in different stores.


You are guaranteed that the repair will be done correctly without compromising on other parts. You are also sure you will not incur any further costs in the near future should any problem arise. This is an assurance by many garage repair company professionals to gain trust from their clientele.

Security and liability

Most garage doors are attached to the main house, and most professionals ensure they respond promptly to repair requests to avoid the risks of having to leave them partially closed or broken. This reduces the vulnerability and the liability associated with future owners of the house if it is sold.

These are a few reasons why it is important to involve experts in any repairs associated with garage doors. The list, though, is long, and we may not discuss it exhaustively.

17May 2020

The Purpose of Garage Door Lubrication

Lubrication of garage doors is one of the most important aspects that the door owners should not take lightly or look down upon. Technical know-how is required to ensure it is done correctly and to ensure it serves the intended purpose effectively. By correctly here, we mean the use of the correct lubricant, applying it to the designated part of the garage door, doing it in the right way, and at the required time. Below we shall discuss the importance of lubricating various parts and the general purpose of lubrication.

Repaired Garage Door

Let’s look at few facts experts advocate for; Use Silicone or White Lithium for lubrication purposes for garage doors repair in Surrey. WD-40 is not recommended. Cleaning to remove dust and dirt should be done. The frequency of lubrication varies; for instance, rollers, hinges, springs, and tracks require lubrication after every three months. Rails may only require lubrication once a year. It is to not limited to only such frequencies, but when the need arises and this can be detected through squeaking and grinding sounds.


Lubrication acts as a barrier between the rollers and the track hence preventing the screechy and unpleasant noise that could otherwise be produced. The protective barrier aids in the smooth functioning of the garage door. When the rollers are not lubricated for a long time, the up and down motion is hindered, and with time it will have a general effect on the entire system.


Lubrication of the hinges should be done at their pivot points. This is to make work easier in terms of raising and lowering the door. Lubricating ensures the door bends easily and exerts little pressure on other parts, hence high-level flexibility.


Tracks do not necessarily require lubrication, but they should be kept clean to ensure the rollers run smoothly. As the rollers move, they tend to do this for you.

The lock

It should be well lubricated to allow easy turning lest you will break the keys, and you will be locked out of your own garage. To avoid extra expenses of repairs after a break-in and key replacement, lubrication is necessary.


Lubricating of torsion springs will require that it is done from time to time.

A spring that is not lubricated will produce noise that is different from that produced from tracks. The probability of a torsion spring to snap is high when it is dry, and its consequences are fatal if it happens in someone’s presence. To avoid noise, fatal accidents, and to ensure the garage door works practically well, lubrication is very important.

Basically, lubrication is important to ensure the parts of the garage door last long, they work efficiently, they do not produce irritating sounds and finally to avoid unnecessary accidents. To ensure all these work out well for your own good and that of the garage door, ensure you use the correct lubricant, do the lubrication in the correct way, and at the required frequency.

14May 2020

The Materials of Garage Doors

There is a vast range of materials used in crafting garage doors. When making choices on which materials to use, factors like suitability, durability, and personal preferences should be considered. Below are some common materials and their suitability. Aluminum, wood, steel, wood composites, fiberglass, and vinyl are some of the common materials used in making garage door repair in Coquitlam.

Broken Garage Doors

Aluminum materials

They are available in many colors and in contemporary brush finishes. The garage doors with aluminum eliminate the many problems associated with rust. They are lighter as compared to those structured from other materials. This factor though has its disadvantage, which is the ease at which they are prone to dents and damage.

Wood materials

This type of material has been used over time; it is very durable and tends to fit in well with houses built from bricks and mortar. They are very expensive in terms of maintenance but are still suitable for all weather types. They are better in terms of insulation. They can warp or rot in extreme temperatures. They tend to add weight stress on the motor springs when wet.

Steel material

They are the most commonly used due to their ease in installation. They are also cheap in the initial purchase and maintenance as well. They come in various textures and colors. They are susceptible to rust and cannot stand unnecessary impact associated with dents for games like football.

Wood composites materials

They mimic normal wooden garage doors but are far more detailed in terms of materials used to craft them. Primarily they have a wood frame covered with fiberboard sheets. Those of high quality have dense fiberboard skins, overlays, and grooves. Their cores are filled with polystyrene for insulation. With time they can rot and hence the need for regular maintenance practices.

Fiberglass material

They mimic various materials and can allow light to pass through. They are composed of two layers of fiberglass, which is bonded to a steel frame filled with polyurethane for insulation purposes. They have steel end caps to enhance their rigidity. They can break from various impacts though they are not affected by rust. Despite the fact they do not rust, they tend to turn yellow over time. They are, however, associated with poor insulation and one-piece style tilt.

Vinyl material

They are very similar to fiberglass but are typically built-in steel frames. For insulation, they are also filled with polyurethane. They are available in a limited color range, very durable, and require little attention in terms of maintenance; they can withstand impact and are difficult to break as well as a dent. They are expensive in the initial purchase. In harsh weather conditions, they tend to peel off, fade as well as a flake.

Finally, the choice on the material to be used by an individual remains their responsibility solely, but it is advisable to read thoroughly before making that critical decision.

11May 2020

The Types of Residential Garage Doors

Roll-up doors

These are galvanized steel doors manufactured into interconnected rolled formed slats. They are easy to open by just traveling and gathering them into a roll, making access to the garage convenient and easily accessible. They come up in sizes suitable for all consumer needs. These types of garage doors are nearly impossible to break since they are highly solid. This increases protection. They also offer amazing insulation from cold and heat from penetrating the room. Because of this, energy losses are reduced and, therefore, electricity bills. These doors have the ability to eliminate external noises. This is of great advantage, especially when your garage is located in a noisy industrial area.

Residential Garage Doors

Slide to the side

These types of doors are more preferred to the traditional swinging doors. Slide to the side doors can be left-handed where you slide to the left or right-handed doors where you open to the left. These doors have two panels, one that is fixed, and the other one is easy to slide. Installing slide doors will take approximately seven hours and at an affordable cost for the door and other additional materials. These types of doors enhance the natural entry of light, increasing the partial interior size. Increase incoming fresh air. These doors, however, are not energy efficient since they result in loss of heat often.

Side-hinged doors

These types of doors are simple in their designs. Irrespective of their simplicity, they can be more secure when fitted with other correct features. They can be installed in their existing pre-hung or fitted to existing timber frames. Installing such doors is easy and ideal, particularly for garages that are shared between passengers and cars. They are available in various materials and sizes, helping customers to choose from a variety.

Tilt-up canopy

Like other types of doors, these are not sectioned. They traditionally have the most popular type of gear system. They are instead made of solid material. This feature makes it easy to ship when one orders the door from overseas, allowing them to be eligible even for free shipping. They offer a wide range of sizes to suit all budgets. Even the cheap roll up overheads cannot suit the headroom that canopy doors avail. The pivot hinge mechanism feature comes in handy in providing tilting space. The doors are positioned parallel to the garage ceiling and often extends to the front of the garage when the door opens. These doors are reasonably sized and quick and easy to fit.

Tilt-up retractable

Tilts up doors, unlike other types of residential doors, are often secure and bounded. Because of the maximum-security they offer, they have been used elsewhere, like in the older people’s homes. Retractable means that the doors can open horizontal tracks that can go back fully into the garage with the help of a gear designed to use an electric operator. Since these doors are often suspended from the frame., they often take up more space compared to the tilt-up canopy doors.

8May 2020

The Types of Commercial Garage Doors

Fire doors

Fire doors come in handy when one requires maximum protection. This is because the fire door is made of stainless that can resist fires. Besides, fire doors are durable, have insulating properties, and are able to resist noises. Fire doors can be custom made to meet consumer needs and choices. One of its key advantages is the fact that it can automatically close when fires are detected, or an alarming incidence occurs. The fire doors also have a sealing feature that offers additional protection against conductivity that often occurs due to weather changes. The seal also offers protection against air and penetration of water. Some fire doors are made of glass. This is important because they offer double protection, insulation, and low emissivity. If you have any issues with your door, contact garage door repair in Langley.

Commercial Garage Doors

Sliding doors

These types of doors are used for maximum security and traffic management. They are easy and very convenient to install. They offer unique door designs hence are suitable for the most demanding designs that customers require. The side sliding design, in most cases, will match perfectly with other front doors. The door can be adjusted to fit the special wall constructions in the garage. These doors can be operated both manually and also using electricity. Due to there compatibility with designs by most manufacturers, they have optimal operating safety and comfort. There are over 100 variations of sliding doors. They vary in terms of texture, design, and colors available. Customers thus have a variety of choices to pick from.

Swinging doors

They are usually more economical than sliding gates. They, however, require additional space for opening and closing. Such doors are constructed from high-quality steel that is not easily corroded by the outside environment hence offering maximum protection. They are thus effective in the outside environment. The doors can combine outdoor and indoor spaces. For easy opening, these doors require a little lifting. Traditional swing doors are crafted to fit one’s description. They all present uniqueness, and most of the well-designed swing doors usually have the ability to last for generations.

Folding doors

These are doors that open by folding back in sections or panels. The types of doors have the ability to offer closure for both the inner and outside areas, thus offering maximum security. They are mainly made from galvanized steel or aluminum that can be painted or furnished as per customers’ wishes. They are available in panels that are made of tempered glass or perforated steel or in the form of an open-air design. The doors can be used as a room divider. Most folding doors are very wide, thus having a wide visual and physical accessibility.

5May 2020

7 Common Garage Door Repairs

Repairs for garage door open failure

Garage doors may be faced with multiple failures. The door might not open at all, whereas, in some circumstances, the door could only open halfway. This could be as a result of rusted and damaged rollers. One of the main solutions to such a problem is to apply lubricant in the tracks and rollers. In severe cases, one may need to replace the rollers or even clean the axles. Such repairs will require expert reviews.

Garage Door Repair

Repairs for garage doors that won’t close completely

When your garage doors don’t close completely, then the working of the rollers could be in poor conditions resulting in rusty rollers. Rusty rollers will require to be cleaned using a lubricant. When there is a fault in switches, you will be required to readjust the settings in the whole system. The reconfiguration of the system is easy and can be done at home without the need of an expert. But if you have serious issues with your door, contact garage door repair in White Rock.

Remote failures repairs

Addressing remote break down issues requires specialists. However, before you get one, you need to check that the main gate switch is functioning. Problems in the motor unit can only be addressed by replacing batteries very often. The positioning of the antennae is also very crucial during the initial installation. This is key to ensuring that the motor unit is set. The overuse of batteries occurs very often, leading to failure. This will require an entire replacement of the remote.

Reversing garage door repairs

Reversing garage doors is an activity that poses significant health hazards to you and your family. This could be caused by faulty in the door auto-reverse feature. Regular testing of the auto-reverse feature is thus required to restore its functionality. Excessive friction can as well result in the reversing of garage doors. Friction results in sounds when opening and closing the door. It is thus important to consider lubricating the door.

Motor repairs after the garage door close

Usually, the motor should stop running when the door closes. A faulty motor will keep running even after the door closes. This could be as a result of a faulty up-limit switch. Assessing the resultant impact when the up-limit switch is pushed further away on the motor to adjust the distance between the switch and the engine can repair this. Since the garage system is powered by electricity, make sure to consult an expert to ensure safety.

Gate Switch repairs

Gate switch failures first prompt one to check if they still have a power supply. If the power supply is assured, then you will need to check the fuses of the switch. Blown up switches need to be replaced immediately. Make sure to check for frayed wiring since wires are prone to wear and tear, especially if they are exposed to climatic changes. Call an electrician to work around the wiring issue. Avoid risky attempts to play around with electricity.

Repairs on sticky doors

Lubrication is a key step after the cleanup process. It is useful when dealing with stuck doors. If the screws and bolts attached to the bracket are loose, then the risk that the garage door will stick increases two-fold. You need to ensure that you tighten the hardware in a manner that will bolster efficiency and reduce friction. Please consult qualified technicians always.

2May 2020

Main Problems With Garage Door Openers

Technology advancements have seen garage doors transform from the manually opened ones to the new automatic ones with various styles to suit the user’s needs. This was only made possible by the invention of the garage door opener. With a single press of a button in your garage door remote, the door opens on its own with the help of the garage door openers. Just like other machines, even garage door openers malfunction or break down from time to time. The following are the most common problems you are likely to face with your garage doors openers. You should note that these problems may seem to be caused by the garage door opener but may actually be something else as you are about to find out.

Garage Door Openers

Your garage door does not close completely

This occurs when you press the button to close your garage door, and it begins closing, but when it is almost closed, it stops abruptly. The cause of this problem may be your safety sensors. The safety sensors are meant to protect garage door users by making sure that the door does not close when something is in its path, which may be a person. There may be something blocking it. The rollers may also not be working correctly.

They may need to be replaced if they are too rusty or lubricated. The final thing may be the close limit switch. It usually tells the door when to stop moving. Ensure the settings are right, and the garage door opener will work just fine.

Your garage door does not open completely

This is the opposite situation to the firs problem. The way to solve this problem is just the same as the first one. What may cause the first problem is also what causes the second problem.

Your garage door does not open at all

Before going into a panic, thinking that there is something wrong with the opener, you should check the remote. First, the remote’s battery may be dead, and that is why the garage door opener is unresponsive. The second cause may be that the wireless receiver of your garage door is not working due to antennae failure. Without receiving signals, your garage door opener won’t do anything.

The motor does not stop after the garage door is opened or closed

This is a common problem for people that have just install a new garage door opener. The up limit switch may not be placed at the required distance from the motor. Try placing the switch in the right position. Keep on adjusting it until you get to the right distance.

Your garage door gets stuck while moving

Once again, this may just be caused by the rollers. The garage door opener cannot move the garage door if it is experiencing a lot of friction.

From all this, it is clear the common problems faced by garage door openers are caused by other things than the opener itself.

29Apr 2020

Remodeling Old Garage Doors

The new age has seen cars changing from the old classics to the new modern cars for that stylish look. Why not do the same with your old garage door. If you are bored with that old garage door you have at your home but are not interested in buying a new one, then you can always remodel it to your expectations. There are many ways to make your garage door in Port Moody to look better, such as the following.

New Garage Doors

A new paint job

The older your garage door is, the more likely its pain job has faded. It may not have faded, but it just looks dull. You can always get a new paint job. To make it even better, you can try a combination of colors instead of the usual one color paint job. Some artistic work can be applied to your garage door. A flower, the ocean, or any picture that comes to your mind. Try to get a theme that matches your home. Do not paint the garage door an odd color like green when your home is mostly red. These things have to be considered too.

A new skin

Skins are different from pain jobs in that skins are just stuck on the garage door. They do not have to be painted as they even come custom made. You will have more choices from the various themes provided by the skins. You can even make your metallic garage door seem like it is made of wood with a wooden theme skin.

Compare with other garage doors in your area

Take a walk around the street and find out the most common colors used and come up with a better one. If your neighborhood is safe, then you can get a unique color. Otherwise do not because it may attract the wrong kind of people.

Get faux wood

Faux wood looks like wood and is inexpensive. You can use it to renovate your garage door. You will get a look and finish, just like wood. Make sure you get the right one because they are all not the same. It is also very durable.

Add some windows to your old garage door

They are not actually windows, but they will look like they are once they are installed. This will work well for you if you are on a tight budget. Note that not all garage doors can have windows. It depends on the model you have. Install some stylish windows to your garage door to bring in some light. It will certainly make them look better.

Curve the frames

Curving the frames of your garage door can be a good idea if it is old. Curved frames will make your garage door have a classic look because a little more of the element to the outlook of your house.

When you remodel that old garage door, you will not have any need for a new one. Pick out the various options suitable to you and get a professional to get it done for you as best as possible.