How to Install a Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener

For easy operation of your garage door, install a garage door opener in Maple Ridge, and there will be no need of you afterward having to waste your effort in doing so.

However, before doing this, you have to ensure that you have a garage door that can be operated using an opener; not all of them can. The second thing to consider is the type of garage door opener which you would prefer. In this case, you would have two options; either the one with a chain or the one with a belt.


The next thing you should now do is to ensure that your garage door is ready for installation of an opener. Inspect the garage door well and ensure that any necessary repairs are done before installing the opener.

Garage Door Opener Installation

  • Begin by assembling all the parts that you bought your opener with. Put together the rail by fitting in the several pieces, as indicated in the instructions. Slide the trolley over the rail and then attach it to the motor compartment, which is to be located at the furthest point from the door. To the opposite side of the compartment at the end of the rail, have the pulley installed with the chain or the belt moving around it.
  • For purposes of attaching the opener onto the ceiling, blocking must be installed on the ceiling as instructed, and it must be attached to the woods on the ceiling regardless of its size.
  • The next step is attaching the bracket at the point where the connection of the door itself was done, and this should be approximately at the center, or in some cases, you may find that it has been specified in the instructions.
  • Take one end of the parts you had assembled in step 1 and attach it to the bracket as indicated in the instructions and lift up the other end and have it in place.
  • Have the safety rope attached to the emergency release, which is on the trolley, and there must be a manual disconnect cord which should be located at a height which is manageable for adults.
  • Install a bulb into the garage door opener compartment, and in this case, the bulb must be one that can withstand severe conditions such as the constant vibrations which will be experienced during the operation.
  • Install the electric eye safety system on one side of the garage door and a reflector on the opposite side.
  • Have the push-button control installed as well as the other equipment such as the keypad. This button should be located at a height where children cannot reach it.
  • Confirm whether the installation has been done to perfection. You can test whether the door opens and closes without any distraction, and if so, then it means that you can now operate your garage door comfortably. In some cases, you may notice that in the process, there is a loud sound produced. This happens in the cases where your opener uses a chain instead of a belt.

With all these tips, you can comfortably install a garage door opener on your own or even have a specialist install it for you. Have a garage door opener today and unburden your task.