Importance of Garage Door Safety For Kids

As much as you keep your garage door safety and secure in Surrey, you should also keep the people using it as well as the ones around it safe, especially the kids. This is because the harm that the Garage Door Safety can cause to anyone when it is out of control is fatal, and to some extent, the outcome can be death. This, therefore, renders you the responsibility as the owner to ensure that you do anything possible to prevent such cases. There are several ways in which you can achieve this, and some have been mentioned below.

Garage Door Safety

Update them on what a Garage Door Safety is

Create time and take your kids on tour around the garage. Show them all the functional components of the garage door and demonstrate to them the role that each part plays in the opening and closing of the door. This would help to drive away from the curiosity in the kids.

Another important thing which you should not leave out during the tour is informing them on the parts of the garage door, which are very sensitive and can lead to an emergency when out of control. Caution them against touching both the torsion and extension spring and that if, in any case, spring is noticed to have broken, then they should not hesitate to inform you as the parent or guardian. Warn them not to pluck the lifting cables because it is these cables that play the role of lifting the door, and in any case, they are tampered with, and then the door will draw down uncontrollably and smash anything below it.

Warn them not to operate or play on/with the door

  • Tell them that the operation of the door is only your responsibility, and in no case should they try to operate it. For this reason, keep away the remote control from their reach and also ensure that the keypad is placed at a raised position where they cannot access.
  • Warn them neither to climb on the door nor to put pressure on them. This is because there are some doors whose structures resemble ladders, and you know how curious kids always are. They will want to climb on them, and as a result, they might encounter an accident.
  • For those whose doors operate manually, show the older kids how to operate the door, and ensure that they are able to reach the lift handles. Tell them to be cautious not to let their fingers get stuck between the joints because they will definitely lose them.
  • Assign the older kids the responsibility to keep watch of the younger ones when they are close to the garage door, and in case they are passing beneath the door, then ensure that the door is fully open and that the kids do not fumble on their way in or out.

However, there are some parents who give their kids the access codes for the external keypad. In this case, the codes must have a secret status with them and warn them never to share with friends because they may be curious to enter the garage. This, as a result, may lead to something serious.

We, therefore, advise that as a good owner and parent, you should be a good keeper for both your garage door and your kids. Let none of the two interfere with the other’s life.