Why Won’t My Garage Door Open?

Garage Door Open

Imagine trying to leave home in a hurry only to find out that your Garage Door Open is jammed. This could be a very discouraging morning, especially if you were trying to beat a deadline at work. This calls for immediate repair. This cannot be achieved without a thorough diagnosis. Here are some of the possible underlying issues.

Closed Garage Door

Garage Door Open Power Source

Whenever the power source for your automated garage door repair is disrupted, you can be sure that it won’t open. This can be easily corrected by plugging the opener into a working power outlet. It is also essential that from time to time, you keep checking the outlets are working to avoid inconveniences.

Broken Torsion Springs

Whenever opening your garage door, and you hear a bang, you should engage a door technician to come and assess the torsion springs. In several instances, such happenings have recorded fatalities. The bang could be as a result of the springs breaking. Be sure that such a door won’t open.

Snapped Cables

There are instances in which the cable snaps off. This is as a result of torsion springs breakage. Your door will not open if this occurs. This is because the snapped cables often damage the wall translating into the misalignment of the door. Snapped cables can also cause harm to people around them. In case of snapped cables, ensure that you contact a door technician.

Low Sensitivity

Whenever you install a new garage door, or the door gets old, and you set it too low or too high, there is the likelihood that it won’t open. You can address this by reading the manufacturer’s recommendations on the setting. This will help you reset the door’s sensitivity appropriately.

Malfunctioned Remote Control

If you have a remote-operated door, you can be sure that there are instances in which you won’t manage to open or close it. One of these instances is when you are out of the sensitivity range. A damaged antenna could also result in such outcomes. To confirm these possibilities, you should check out if the door is working with the door switch. If it is working, then you only need to change the remote’s battery.

Misalignment with the Track

When the door is off the track, it won’t open. This is occasioned by obstacles or bends on the track. You can address this problem by loosening the tracks and pulling the door back to the track.