The Types of Commercial Garage Doors

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Fire doors

Fire doors come in handy when one requires maximum protection. This is because the fire door is made of stainless that can resist fires. If you have any issues with your door, contact Commercial Garage Doors repair in Langley. Besides, fire doors are durable, have insulating properties, and are able to resist noises. Fire doors can be custom made to meet consumer needs and choices. One of its key advantages is the fact that it can automatically close when fires are detected, or an alarming incidence occurs. The fire doors also have a sealing feature that offers additional protection against conductivity that often occurs due to weather changes. The seal also offers protection against air and penetration of water. Some fire doors are made of glass. This is important because they offer double protection, insulation, and low emissivity. 

Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial Garage Doors Sliding doors

These types of doors are used for maximum security and traffic management. They are easy and very convenient to install. They offer unique door designs hence are suitable for the most demanding designs that customers require. The side sliding design, in most cases, will match perfectly with other front doors. The door can be adjusted to fit the special wall constructions in the garage. These doors can be operated both manually and also using electricity. Due to there compatibility with designs by most manufacturers, they have optimal operating safety and comfort. There are over 100 variations of sliding doors. They vary in terms of texture, design, and colors available. Customers thus have a variety of choices to pick from.

Swinging doors

They are usually more economical than sliding gates. They, however, require additional space for opening and closing. Such doors are constructed from high-quality steel that is not easily corroded by the outside environment hence offering maximum protection. They are thus effective in the outside environment. The doors can combine outdoor and indoor spaces. For easy opening, these doors require a little lifting. Traditional swing doors are crafted to fit one’s description. They all present uniqueness, and most of the well-designed swing doors usually have the ability to last for generations.

Folding doors

These are doors that open by folding back in sections or panels. The types of doors have the ability to offer closure for both the inner and outside areas, thus offering maximum security. They are mainly made from galvanized steel or aluminum that can be painted or furnished as per customers’ wishes. They are available in panels that are made of tempered glass or perforated steel or in the form of an open-air design. The doors can be used as a room divider. Most folding doors are very wide, thus having a wide visual and physical accessibility.