Main Problems With Garage Door Openers

Technology advancements have seen garage doors transform from the manually opened ones to the new automatic ones with various styles to suit the user’s needs. This was only made possible by the invention of the Garage Door Openers. With a single press of a button in your garage door remote, the door opens on its own with the help of the garage door openers. Just like other machines, even garage door openers malfunction or break down from time to time. The following are the most common problems you are likely to face with your garage doors openers. You should note that these problems may seem to be caused by the garage door opener but may actually be something else as you are about to find out.

Garage Door Openers

Your garage door does not close completely

This occurs when you press the button to close your garage door, and it begins closing, but when it is almost closed, it stops abruptly. The cause of this problem may be your safety sensors. The safety sensors are meant to protect garage door users by making sure that the door does not close when something is in its path, which may be a person. There may be something blocking it. The rollers may also not be working correctly.

They may need to be replaced if they are too rusty or lubricated. The final thing may be the close limit switch. It usually tells the door when to stop moving. Ensure the settings are right, and the garage door opener will work just fine.

Your Garage Door Openers not open completely

This is the opposite situation to the firs problem. The way to solve this problem is just the same as the first one. What may cause the first problem is also what causes the second problem.

Your garage door does not open at all

Before going into a panic, thinking that there is something wrong with the opener, you should check the remote. First, the remote’s battery may be dead, and that is why the garage door opener is unresponsive. The second cause may be that the wireless receiver of your garage door is not working due to antennae failure. Without receiving signals, your garage door opener won’t do anything.

The motor does not stop after the garage door is opened or closed

This is a common problem for people that have just install a new garage door opener. The up limit switch may not be placed at the required distance from the motor. Try placing the switch in the right position. Keep on adjusting it until you get to the right distance.

Your garage door gets stuck while moving

Once again, this may just be caused by the rollers. The garage door opener cannot move the garage door if it is experiencing a lot of friction.

From all this, it is clear the common problems faced by garage door openers are caused by other things than the opener itself.