Remodeling Old Garage Doors

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The new age has seen cars changing from the old classics to the new modern cars for that stylish look. Why not do the same with your old garage door. If you are bored with that old garage doors you have at your home but are not interested in buying a new one, then you can always remodel it to your expectations. There are many ways to make your garage door in Port Moody to look better, such as the following.

old garage doors

A new paint job

The older your garage door is, the more likely its pain job has faded. It may not have faded, but it just looks dull. You can always get a new paint job. To make it even better, you can try a combination of colors instead of the usual one color paint job. Some artistic work can be applied to your garage door. A flower, the ocean, or any picture that comes to your mind. Try to get a theme that matches your home. Do not paint the garage door an odd color like green when your home is mostly red. These things have to be considered too.

A new skin

Skins are different from pain jobs in that skins are just stuck on the garage door. They do not have to be painted as they even come custom made. You will have more choices from the various themes provided by the skins. You can even make your metallic garage door seem like it is made of wood with a wooden theme skin.

Compare with other old garage doors in your area

Take a walk around the street and find out the most common colors used and come up with a better one. If your neighborhood is safe, then you can get a unique color. Otherwise do not because it may attract the wrong kind of people.

Get faux wood

Faux wood looks like wood and is inexpensive. You can use it to renovate your garage door. You will get a look and finish, just like wood. Make sure you get the right one because they are all not the same. It is also very durable.

Add some windows to your old garage door

They are not actually windows, but they will look like they are once they are installed. This will work well for you if you are on a tight budget. Note that not all garage doors can have windows. It depends on the model you have. Install some stylish windows to your garage door to bring in some light. It will certainly make them look better.

Curve the frames

Curving the frames of your garage door can be a good idea if it is old. Curved frames will make your garage door have a classic look because a little more of the element to the outlook of your house.

When you remodel that old garage door, you will not have any need for a new one. Pick out the various options suitable to you and get a professional to get it done for you as best as possible.