How to Level a Garage Door

There are many problems that are associated with garage doors. As much as they are maintained, there will always be some mishaps that might require a little bit of tinkering for you to get it back on track. One of the most common cases is when your garage door is not in a level position. Not all kinds of garage doors can be leveled, though.

Garage Door Repair

The following are the steps you need to take to level garage door in Surrey.

Measure the distance

When the door is not level, there will be a gap between it and the floor. You have to measure the length of this gap. Other measurements you need to take are the diameters of the drum and the shaft.

Get new cables for your garage door

Check the cables of your door. Old cables tend to stretch over time. Check to find out if they are stretched or not. If they are, then they must be replaced before any further work can continue, or else it will be a total failure.

Turn off the power

You cannot work with the power turned on because it is risky as the door may turn on by accident. Unplug the garage door from its power source. You can also deactivate the circuit breaker.

Begin the adjustments

The side you start with should be in the opposite direction to the side with the gap. To this side, rotate the drum’s screws in a clockwise direction. This is to make the screws tighter and raise the door. Turn the screws as needed, do not overdo it.

To the other side now

Get to the doors another side now and indicate the current position of the shaft together with the shaft. The mark of the shaft should always be a quarter of an inch on top of the mark of the drum. If the gap under the door is smaller or less than an inch, then make the marks to be apart by 1/8 of an inch.

Making the shaft stable

To stabilize the shaft, use a vise grip. To the top of the door, you should wedge the vise grip. This is to make sure that the drum stays as still as possible as it may spin if there are loose screws. Carefully you should loosen the setscrew and line up the two marks. You can then slowly loosen the screw and then tighten them until you get to the required point.

Assess the level

Now that you are all done, you need to do around check to find out if everything is all right. Check if the door is level. After that, you can tighten the screws remembering not to tighten them too much as the shaft may be damaged in the process. Remove the vise grip and then switch on the power to the garage door.

If you follow these procedures, your garage door should be back to its original position. Make sure to be cautious all the way.