Sliding Garage Door, Is It a Good Idea

With the very many types of garage doors available, finding the right garage door type for you can turn out to be a challenging task. Putting all the other garage door types aside and focusing only on the sliding garage doors, let’s find out if it is really worth it for you.

Sliding Garage Door Repair

To determine whether sliding doors are really a good idea, we need to determine what they need to be installed and how they function.

Sliding takes up a lot of space

Sliding garage doors in Langley are generally large and take up a lot of space because they literally have to slide over and out in a way similar to an overhead door. If you are planning on installing it in your garage, then you are going to have to ensure your garage door is big enough otherwise to deal with having less space. A room has to be created for the door to slide in. A sectional, sliding garage door generally requires more width on both sides for the accommodation of the panel’s width. In some scenarios, garages do not have enough space, and no expansion is possible, which makes it unsuitable for small garages. If you are considering a sliding garage door, then you have to consider the space available in your garage first.

They may need to attest two garage door openers

It depends on the type of sliding garage door you have selected. Some types require more than one garage door opener to open smoothly. Using one opener is possible but will not be beneficial to you because it can fail at any moment. The fact that sliding doors have two panels is what makes them require the two openers for the movement of both panels. The more openers you need, the more money you have to spend, which will not be suitable for you if you are on a tight budget.

They are better equipped to handle garages with low ceilings

This will be a disadvantage to you if you have a high ceiling, but if your ceiling is low, then you are all good. The ceiling will appear shorter than usual when a garage door is suspended a few inches below it, which makes the sliding garage door the best fit for this kind of situation.

Sliding garage doors open easily and faster

As the name suggests, they slide, which makes opening them a simple task for you. With automatic garage door openers, the door should open fast enough for you. All you need is to oil the moving parts every once in a while, and you are all good. They can also be locked in various ways depending on the one you find most suitable for you.

They are more secure

The motion of the door is held and controlled by the running track, making them secure. They are also resistant to wind and high impact force.

Finally, are sliding garage doors a good idea? I say it all depends on your needs.