How to Install a Garage Door

Fixing a new garage door should be handled as an emergency as buckled doors may expose your home or garage to security threats. Install A Garage Door should be taken seriously, and manufacturers’ procedures followed succinctly.

Install a garage door

Attach weather-stripping

This is the first step towards the installation of a garage door in White Rock. Weather-stripping is essential to your garage door as it provides an adequate grip between the door and jamb as well as protecting your house from by providing airtight insulation. Set the panel in the doorway and drive nails into each jamb at an angle in order to wedge the door in place during installation. Attach the hinges if they are not in place.

Assemble the necessary pieces

Following the manufacturer’s manual, assemble the tracks, rollers, and lock systems. Having all these materials assembled together makes the process shorter as time is not wasted in search of missing parts once the installation process has begun.

Install the rollers and brackets

Replacement rollers are always available in a local store and come with a simple do it yourself guide. While fixing the rollers, be sure to check the roller tracks as well. Slip the vertical tracks onto the rollers of all the door sections and confirm that they are properly fixed as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Fasten the hinges

Using a power drill with a screwdriver tip, fasten the hinges on the first section of the door. Inspect the nuts and bolts to ensure this hardware is kept tight. Regular opening and closing of doors may loosen or cause the nuts and bolts to shift. When this happens, the door hinges, roller track brackets, or door trims and frames will become loose over time and reduce the efficiency of the door. When efficiency is compromised, door workability consumes more time and energy, and this may result in lost income or even accidents in your garage. Ensure these door components are tightly fitted at the installation stage.

Install A Garage Door the third section

While checking the door for level and the vertical track for plumb, tighten the top plates to the jamb. Ensure the screws penetrate deeply into the door frame as the door will exert more pressure while in operation. This ensures the door does not get ruined easily after a short period of operation. Attach the door jamb brackets, install the curved and horizontal tracks. Once this is done, use a level to check the horizontal track for level. Fit the last door section and remove temporary nails.

Test your door

Conducting these tests helps you identify problems with your garage door installation, and thus the problems can be resolved earlier before they cause injury on you or a family member.

For doors with automatic reversal systems, conduct monthly checks on the door reversal system to ensure it works properly. You can do this by placing an object on the doorway or holding the bottom of your garage door while it closes. If the door fails to halt and reverse quickly, adjust the force setting to a lighter number, or engage a professional in case you notice an irregularity.