Most common issues of garage door that require maintenance and replacement service

Garage Door Does Not Work

Garage door, means the largest and the most usable part of your house. Several times you open and close the door during the whole day. Generally, people use this large space to store unwanted stuff or park vehicle. If you use it as your main entrance, there is no idea that how many times you open the door.

Due to its uncountable use, it requires daily maintenance and repair service. If you give a little attention on your garage door, it can help to extend the lifespan of your door. Undoubtedly, there are so many garage door issues you face in your daily life. But with little maintenance and repair tips, you can stop these issues permanently and save hundreds of dollars.

So, check this list of common issues that tells you about maintenance and replacement service.

  1. Problem in opening and closing the door: This is the most common problem and you may be facing in your life so many times. The door can be stuck while you open or close the garage door. Check the track, if there is any debris or dust, remove it. On the other hand, if you have an electronic door, check your remote control first.
  2. Heard an awkward noise: Is your door make weird noise? Is your neighbor complaint you about your door weird noise? If so, this is a clear sign that your door requires a repair or maintenance service. A shaking overhead door can lead to an accident or injury, replace it before you and your family member met an accident.
  3. A damaged mechanism door: A breakdown or damaged garage door is the clearest sign of a replacement. Denting or rusting doors can create so many problems for you. It may break down when you open or close the door. It’s also harmful to your stuff or vehicle that you park in your garage.
  4. Broken tools: Spring and opener help to garage door while it open and close. A torsion spring or broken cable can lead to a big problem. It can be very costly to you. So, to save your bucks and prevent any accident, check all the tools and if you suspect any broken tools, replace them before it become any serious problem.
  5. Check the remote control: All the parts of your door in proper working condition, but the door does not open and close. Don’t panic, now check your remote control. If the remote control fails to work properly, check its batteries and replace them with a new one if required.

You can handle any overhead door issues, if you have proper knowledge about it. If you find any one of them symptom in your garage door, make a call to Garage Door Repair in Vancouver BC. A professional is able to sort out the every type of issue.